Friday, September 23, 2011

PBS Teachers

PBS Teachers is a website that is overflowing with resources for teachers to use.  And it's not just for elementary school teachers.  Teachers of all grades can find something great on PBS Teachers.  There are lesson plans, videos, and activities on the website.  The site is really easy to navigate and easily laid-out so that you can find what you need. If you click on your grade level and then your content area, you can see hundreds of resources that you can use in your classroom.  It's almost overwhelming! And it's so easy, I don't see why any teacher shouldn't at least stop by and take a look.
There are "activity packs" (as shown above) that are really neat to look through and see what they have.  There is some really interesting stuff to go along with each content area.  A great thing about the site is that it's completely safe for students to look through.  You don't have to worry that there's something on there that they shouldn't see.  Kids can play games on the site and look through the videos themselves.  There is also a discussion board, where teachers can share ideas.  This is probably my favorite thing about the site because I love hearing others' ideas and sharing my own.  I think that's a great idea.  You can get ideas for your own classroom from teachers who may be more experienced than you, and it's a great learning experience for both you and your students!

Here is a video that I found for my content area (reading/language arts), just as an example of what some of the videos are like

And there are all kinds of videos and lesson plans for every content area, just like that, including:
-Science & Technology
-Health & Fitness
-The Arts
-History/Social Studies

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pixton is a really cool way to get students involved in the learning process. For the visual learners, Pixton is great because it is so visually stimulating and memorable for the student. I have created my own comic (above) that deals with high school English. Below is a comic that my students will complete based on their past experience with English and books that they have read. Pixton comics are very easy to make, and may become addictive for the students!